Our Commitment

Dibco is committed to the protection of the natural environment as it relates to the performance of its work.

In fulfilling this commitment, Dibco endorses an environmentally conscious working environment which conforms to local legislative and regulatory requirements as well as contract specific requirements. Dibco is committed to the minimizing hazards that may result in ecological damage. Construction operations which impact the environment are controlled through the proper training of employees and use of environmental protective measures through the implementation of its environmental procedures and practices.

Dibco ensures its employees and subcontractors are fully educated on this environmental policy, as well as local regulations and legislation, the use of environmental protective measures and the specific environmental procedure and practices. All employees and subcontractors share equally in the responsibility of minimizing environmental impacts.

Dibco is committed to ongoing improvement of its environmental policy. Dibco fully supports and is committed to ensuring its employees and subcontractors adopt this policy.