Dibco specializes in the construction of shafts and tunnels for sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains, pedestrian underpasses, deep elevator shafts and hydro/communication conduits.

company values

company values


To be the contractor of choice for consulting firms, municipalities and infrastructure groups to rely on for its underground utility construction needs as it pertains to tunneling.



To promote efficient and effective corporate growth and to recognize those who contribute to it.


• To undertake successful infrastructure developments with a focus on becoming an industry leader in meeting or exceeding client’s expectations as it pertains to budgetary constraints, quality control, on-time project delivery, safety and environmental practice.
• To foster and develop new relationships into long-term partnerships through integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction.


• To promote continued development of an effective management team that stresses productivity, perpetual development of the organization, and safety.
• To promote a positive and safe working environment for all its employees.


• To consider subcontractors and suppliers as equal partners with respect to contract performance.
• To expand existing subcontractors and supplier relations as well as encourage development of new founded relationships.

quality control

quality control

Dibco is committed to meeting the highest standards in quality on all its projects.

Dibco’s commitment to quality assurance and control is achieved through the proper training of all its employees at all levels. This is attained by providing the necessary tools, resources and implementing industry standard procedures and practices to the performance of its work. Dibco ensures all its suppliers and subcontractors also meet these required quality standards. Dibco continually reviews and improves its quality control procedures and practices, seeking continuous feedback from its clients.

health & safety

health & safety

Its About Prevention

It is important for the successful operation of Dibco to prevent occurrences that lead to occupational diseases, injuries and disabilities.

We must all work in a safe manner, consistent with good construction practices. Each worker or subcontractor must be aware of the occupational hazards associated with the workplace. Safety awareness starts with your own work area, be it at the office, in the yard, or on the jobsite.

If you or your fellow workers are not in a safe working environment or are working unsafely, STOP. Take a few extra minutes to ensure work duties are performed safely can greatly reduce the risk of incurring a minor, serious, or fatal injury.

Dibco is dedicated to ensuring that the safest possible conditions exist on our job sites. We have implemented a program of Zero Tolerance; that is, Dibco will not tolerate any unsafe acts or conditions. If such unsafe acts or conditions exist, they may result in removal from site and/or termination.

Dibco Underground reserves the right to remove any worker or sub-contractor at any time who is in Contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and/or the Dibco safety program. We seek the cooperation of all workers in establishing a safe work environment. We believe in the principle that safety is an integral part of an efficient and profitable company.

Our goal is to ensure every worker leaves work in the same condition in which they arrived. Safety is Dibco’s priority and together we can work towards this every day on the job.




Our Commitment

Dibco is committed to the protection of the natural environment as it relates to the performance of its work.

In fulfilling this commitment, Dibco endorses an environmentally conscious working environment which conforms to local legislative and regulatory requirements as well as contract specific requirements. Dibco is committed to the minimizing hazards that may result in ecological damage. Construction operations which impact the environment are controlled through the proper training of employees and use of environmental protective measures through the implementation of its environmental procedures and practices.

Dibco ensures its employees and subcontractors are fully educated on this environmental policy, as well as local regulations and legislation, the use of environmental protective measures and the specific environmental procedure and practices. All employees and subcontractors share equally in the responsibility of minimizing environmental impacts.

Dibco is committed to ongoing improvement of its environmental policy. Dibco fully supports and is committed to ensuring its employees and subcontractors adopt this policy.

our projects


estimated value

completion date


Trafalgar & Derry Rd. Feedermains


In Progress

Oakville, ON

West Whitby Trunk Sanitary Sewer


In Progress

Whitby, ON

Bremmer Cable Tunnel



Toronto, ON

Twinning of The Etobicoke Creek



Mississauga, ON

Bathurst & Teston Road Watermain



Vaughan, ON

King Street Feedermain



Bolton, ON

Oakville Hospital Sanitary Sewer



Oakville, ON

Regional Road 50 Sewer & Watermain



Brampton, ON

Oakville Sanitary Sewer on Dundas



Oakville, ON

Prince Road Sewer System



Windsor, ON

15th Street Sanitary Sewer




Credit Valley Trunk Sewer

$ 18,000,000


Brampton, ON


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